« selling luxury products » sandwich course


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The significant upheavals experienced by the fashion, couture and luxury sector in the last few decades have brought about major corporate changes in terms of the industry’s evolution and the emergence of new professions and functions.

Brands are refocusing on their core activities, on the creativity that underpins their sustained legitimacy and on the history of the fashion house. Due to this, companies are giving more importance to their heritage, identity, image and consequently to their sales outlets.


These changes can be clearly felt in two different areas:

  • The increasing importance attached to customer relations in sales-related professions, be it retail or alterations, making apparent the need for professionals of the sector to branch out and adopt a more reactive approach to fashion and fashion-house creativity and culture.
  • The rationalisation of structures and processes relating to product-line creation.

In this context, the sales outlet or « window » of the fashion house is now of strategic importance. All the professions relating to the sales outlet – sales team, merchandiser, concept-maker and alterations staff share a common and central focal point:

  • customer relations and personalised services,
  • fashion-house image enhancement
  • concern for quality

This tailor-made « selling luxury products » course has been implemented in coordination with luxury fashion houses that include CHANEL, CHRISTIAN DIOR, SONIA RYKIEL, YVES SAINT LAURENT… who will welcome students on the course into their shops.

The objective of this course is to train qualified and operational sales professionals for luxury fashion-house shops.

BTEC holders (in Sales Unit Management or in Negotiation and Customer Relations) or HND holders (in Business and Sales Techniques) are eligible for application as well as applicants with an equivalent qualification.

Sales professionals wishing to broaden their professional experience towards this type of product are also accepted.

Contact: Milia Zogbhi milia@modeaparis.com