« Fashion and pattern-making » course


This course prepares students for a profession in pattern-making, pattern-cutting and pattern-cutting using LECTRA PDS.

The Fashion and pattern making course is open to the holders of:

BAC Pro (vocational baccalauréat) or a similar diploma in fashion.

Brevet Professionnel (BTEC) or an equivalent diploma in the domain.

Professional experience in the domain.


The profession: This line of work is about the development of products or lines by taking into account characteristics of the style, the image of the brand, the instructions supplied by the hierarchy and the technical constraints of the company. An important part is the stylistic and technical analysis of drawings to be draped before doing the patterns, whether through traditional ways or in CAD. After the pattern is done it will be of use to the realization of the models. The coordination of the construction of the models and the technical support to the concerned staff is also a key part of the job.

Contracts :

The 12 or 24-month long or short-term contract comprises  450 hours per year of training :

  • Studying the human body, taking measurements
  • Analysing and interpreting the figurine
  • Draping
  • Flat pattern-making (garment base and transformations), gradation, technical drawing,
  • PDS/CAD using LECTRA (Modaris, Diamino, 3D).
  • Technical english




Contact: Milia Zoghbi milia@modeaparis.com