This 3 years bachelor is accessible to those in possession of the baccalaureate or an equivalent qualification. It is possible to join the program in the 3 different years and the admission for 2nd  and 3rd year are accordingly to the number of available places.


Applications start in january 2018.

New application process to be announced soon.


Contact : Rose Leroux


Students benefit from a student’s status :

All students under the age of 28 must belong to the Social Security system. Proof of affiliation to this system will be asked for at the beginning of school term. Students over 28 can be affiliated to a private scheme at reduced rates.

The general regime of the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne School is that of a day school.

When students register at the school, they are automatically insured against accidents that are linked to school-life, including during internships in France or abroad.

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