Course organization

This course lasts 30 weeks starting at the beginning of October and finishing at the end of May; 28 hours per week for a total of 840 hours.

At the end of the course, students can do an internship in a company for a maximum of 6 months, a period which must not extend beyond the end of December.


This intensive program offers different classes that are linked into cross-sectional projects. The topics reviewed include:

  • Fashion research through drawing or 3D modeling. Styling, collection development.
  • A high level of draping and pattern-making (complex structures, bias cut, draped fabrics, …).
  • Learning different approaches corresponding to the specificities of key designers, both through aesthetic and structural approach. This can include: Study of the characteristics of the designer, elaborating a research notebook, making a sample in muslin, patterns and study pieces in fabric.
  • Designing personal product lines based on a set theme and implementing all the different stages from design to the finished prototype.

The course is given in French.



The final note is composed by a continuous evaluation throughout the year and a presentation of the end of the year project. This project will be presented in front of a jury and must include a professional portfolio and one finished look.

The student is graded on a 20-point scale, the minimum required is 10.

At the end of January, a detailed summary of the preliminary grades as well as any teacher comments and reviews will be sent to each student along with an absence report; non-justified absences will result in a decrease of the final grade in each concerned course. Only those who obtain the minimum note will obtain the Certificate delivered by the school.