Course organization


     Enroll in this fashion course to learn the specificities of renowned couturiers and designers, not only by a purely aesthetic approach but also by a structural approach. To do so, it is important to : study the characteristics of the designer, updating and elaborating on personalised design files, making patterns, making a sample in muslin,  and making study pieces in fabric.

      This course lasts 30 weeks starting at the beginning of October and finishing at the end of May; 28 hours per week for a total of 840 hours. At the end of the course, students can do an internship in a company for a maximum of 7 months, a period which must not extend beyond the end of December.


The program is vast and varied. Through the year the different classes are linked into cross-sectional projects :

Draping :

  • Learning to apply the draping and pattern cutting
  • Reviewing construction basic.
  • Assimilating the transformation of a drawing into a 3D model


The construction :

  • Of a skirt.
  • Shirt
  • Suit
  • Dress
  • Trousers
Pattern cutting :

  • Learning to apply appropriately the draping and pattern cutting
  • Reviewing construction basics
  • Studying the principles of pattern transformation
  • Applying learned skills on models


Desing :

  • Module tailoring
  • KOBE contest
  • Module FLOU
  • Module Textile




A continuous evaluation will allow the student to obtain the specific certificate for the DESIGN/DRAPING/PATTERN-MAKING ADVANCED COURSE from the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.

Each evaluation will be graded on a 20 point scale, the minimum required note is 10; the grade-point average should be reach or be above 10.

At the end of January a detailed summary of the obtained grades as well as any teacher comments and reviews will be sent to each student along with an absence report; non-justified absences will result in a decrease of the final grade in each concerned course.

© photo credit : Pascal Montary