Couture sandwich course


This 12-month sandwich course is organised around 3 complementary training modules:

Know-how : technical training
Knowing how to act : customer relations, teamwork,
Professional environment : the store, visual identity of the brand.





The course comprising 420 hours of training approaches the following themes :

  • the human body and its different characteristics, the fall of a garment,
  • fabric knowledge
  • the fundamental principles of sewing, finishes,
  • how the suit is assembled ,
  • draping and flat pattern-making,
  • fittings, alterations,
  • the professional environment, service,
  • quality and the notion of luxury,
  • fashion vocabulary (French/English)
  • fashion history and culture
  • personal communication skills (French/English).

In the framework of an exclusive partnership between the Chambre Syndicale School and CHANEL, and implemented for the first time in 2010/2011, the aim of this course is to transmit know-how specific to the Couture sector and by doing so encourage the survival of such techniques. The second schoolyear (2011/2012) branched out to other Luxury Houses.

The profession : a sense of detail and of a high standard of work, respecting and understanding luxury and its associated products, the permanent demand for quality, customer satisfaction, mastering garment assembly, a flair for suit making and dressmaking, appreciating a wide range of sophisticated fabrics, taking pleasure in the new collections each season, enjoying teamwork, the final touches before making a sale, the quest for excellence.

The aim  of this course is to train qualified and operational professionals for workshops and luxury boutique shops.

  • Professionalizing skills for the years to come,
  • Specializing for a year in Luxury Fashion alterations,
  • Training that will lead to a qualified and top-of-the-range level of alteration possibilities,


© photo credit : Pascal Montary