Contrats de professionnalisation (sandwich courses)


Sandwich-course training, adapted to the fashion industry and to the needs of the company, leads to a recognized qualification for an apprentice on this type of contract and prepares him/her for a future career.

The quality of this type of contract lies in its pedagogical method that combines two complementary typs of training :

  • Theory in the training centre,
  • Practice within the company and therefore in direct contact with the reality of the profession.

These sandwich-course contracts are open to:

  • Young people under 26 years old,
  • Job seekers of over 26 years old, registered at the Job Centre, if a course of this type is considered necessary for their return to employment,
  • To employees already on the payroll in the framework of a professionalisation period.

The above-mentioned sandwich courses are open to young people from 16 to 25 years old.

Contracts and statut

A young person under 26 on this type of contract receives a salary corresponding to a percentage of the minimum wage, which will vary according to his/her age.

He/she has the same rights in terms of paid leave/holidays as everyone else on the payroll, that is to say 2.5 days for each month worked. Holiday leave must not be taken during training hours.

The general regime of the Chambre Syndicale de la Mode Parisienne School is that of a day school.

2 types of contract are possible : long-term or short-term contracts of 24 months or a short-term contract of 6 to 12 months when required by the nature of the qualifications being prepared

The courses are established in function with the specific needs of companies in the Couture and Garment sector.

Contact : Milia Zoghbi

© photo credit : Pascal Montary