Apprenticeship Diplomas


Our Apprentice Training Centre is intended for apprentices preparing the following diplomas :

  • 3 CAPs (BTECs) : dressmaking, women’s suits, hat-making and millinery, and each course last 24 months, preparing apprentices for workshop professions (Seamstresses, Machine sewers).
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  • 3 BREVETS PROFESSIONNELS (higher level of BTEC) : dressmaking, women’s suits, men’s suits where each course lasts 28 months, preparing apprentices for professions in pattern-cutting and sample sewing.

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At the end of the dressmaking, men’s suits and women’s suits CAP course, an apprentice must be able to cut and assemble a garment with hand-sewn finishes, and assemble a hat proficiently at the end of the hat-making and millinery CAP.

At the end of the Brevet Professionnel course, an apprentice must be able to cut the pattern, sew the sample, and cut and assemble the garment (with hand-sewn finishes).

The number of hours of training varies according to the qualification prepared.