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Meeting Minime

Marie Marquet, founder of Minime Paris, is certainly a bold and romantic character.

When she first graduated from school in 2012, she signed a contract with Chanel to work in the Accessories Department and it was here she developed a flair for business. Afterwards, with a portfolio on hand and an interview with the director of “Who’s next/Premierre Classe” everything fell into place.

Considering I wanted a professional opinion about my own portfolio when I graduated, I proposed to meet with Marie and she immediately granted me a stand in the salon.

Marie lives and works with her team inside the 4 floors of the Minime House. She welcomes customers and friends into her showroom that triples as a workshop and apartment. In Marie’s universe you can discover her collections, explore the workshop and understand the special meaning and importance to the creative approach and thought process that goes into the smallest of details.

“We found that it was important for the customers to be plunged into the universe of the designer, it a

Minime designers apartement

llows them to understand her better”.

Marie’s creations catch the eyes of her customers through their acid colors and facetious spirit. The story she tells around her brand and the personality of the designer herself seduces buyers who have the impression they’re coming to see a friend, rather than arriving to do business.


“It is like a small family. Regular customers come for a drink. During the shows, the buyers are satisfied to meet directly the designer and the hatter, and to learn that we make everything “.And everything by Marie is handmade. The Hatter explains: “A hat is a 2-hour minimum of work plus the drying time. For complicated hats, it may take a day! At Minime Paris, all of them lined and often require a lot of cuts because of the patterns.”

From the ready to wear range, each piece is unique and handcrafted, varying according to the theme of the season.

Minime is distributed today at Colette, L’Exception in France and sold in over 60 sale
s points around the world. Recently selected by the French Federation of Couture, she participated in the Designers Apartment showroom which will surely open new doors for her career.

To be continued…